10 outdoor activities to start on the first day of spring


Guess what? It’s the first day of spring, which means it’s time to get outside and get busy in your garden! Spring is easily one of the best seasons for enjoying the great outdoors as a family, and there’s so much you and your kids can do this weekend to kick-start spring together, including these 10 activities.

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10/10 Plant a garden

Although you can plant some things at any time, spring is generally the best time to plant most flowers, vegetables, and fruits in a garden. That means it’s the perfect time to get out in the garden, dig up the dirt, and start deciding what you want to plant in your garden this year! As the snow and frost are pretty much over, always check a planting calendar to determine the best time to plant based on the area you live in.

9/10 Build birdhouses

As it is spring, the birds will also begin to return from their winter migration. If you build nest boxes and install feeders now, the birds will likely stay all spring, which means your family can spend the weekends birdwatching and learning about birds. In fact, you can even build DIY bird feeders from recycled materials if you wish!

8/10 Create a home

Spring nights are a great time to spend some family time in the garden, so why not make a fire pit to enjoy it together? If you are good at DIY projects, spruce has lots of great ideas, if not, you can just buy a simple pre-made option at a local store and break out the marshmallows for s’mores tonight. Just make sure your fireplace meets the necessary safety requirements before lighting a fire and also teach your children about fire safety.

7/10 Make wind chimes

When the spring breeze blows, you’ll love hearing the sounds of your family’s homemade wind chimes on the porch or patio. So why not take advantage of the beautiful spring weather this weekend and make those chimes right away? There are many different models you can choose, many of which can be crafted with items you already have around the house.

6/10 Start a compost heap

If you’re growing a garden this spring, a compost pile can be a great addition to help your garden grow even bigger. Compost piles are also a great way to teach kids about food waste, decomposition, and the environment, making it even more of a win-win. You just need some space in the yard to collect things, and maybe something to keep them from moving, like a fence.

5/10 painting rocks

Whether you’re setting up a garden or just going for a hike, chances are you’ll find rocks while doing other spring activities this weekend. Well, you can take these stones and turn them into a fun family craft activity by painting them! All you need is acrylic paint, brushes and paper plates, and you can create beautiful painted rocks that you can then place in your new garden or around town for others to enjoy.

4/10 To take a walk

Between warmer weather and longer periods of evening sun, spring is the perfect time for family hikes. You can sit down today and plan out different places you’d like to hike this spring, then take the time each week to check another hike on your list. Don’t know where to hike? Pinterest usually has great listings if you search based on your location.

3/10 Adopt a highway

Unfortunately, spring often makes the litter on the sides of our roads more obvious because people start mowing their lawns after a long winter. However, your family can help your community and the environment by adopting a section of your local roads to be cleaned every week or every two weeks. All you need are gloves and trash bags, and your family can get started! This can be a great way for your kids to learn about the impact of litter, not to mention it teaches kids about volunteer work.

2/10 To go camping

Spring is also a good time to camp and kids love to camp. Whether you’re setting up tents in the backyard to hit the road and drive to the nearest state park, camping gives families plenty of time outdoors and is a great bonding experience.

1/10 Create a treehouse

If you want to encourage your kids to spend a lot of time in the yard this spring, you might want to try building a treehouse this weekend while the weather is nice. The whole family can help and the kids will love the end result, even if it still takes a few weeks to complete.

Spring can quickly become your family’s favorite season if you try some of these 10 spring activities today. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the spring weather and have fun with the family!

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