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Environment Minister Jo Churchill MP visits Imperial’s air quality monitoring site in London Marylebone Road on Clean Air Day.

On Clean Air Day 2022, Environment Minister MP Jo Churchill visited Imperial’s air quality supersite on London Marylebone Road to learn more about air quality monitoring technology. site and its use to inform the public about air pollution and the significant risks it poses to public health. Clean Air Day took place on June 16, 2022 and is the UK’s largest air pollution campaign, bringing together communities, businesses, schools and the health sector to raise awareness of how air pollution affects health and improve public understanding of the problem.

Hosted by Dr David Green, a senior scientist with Imperial Oil’s environmental research group, the tour took place at the air quality research station on Marylebone Road, a busy and often congested road in the center of London. Dr Green gave the Minister a tour of the station and explained the advanced measurement technology which focuses on the composition of particles and gases. He explained how these measurements are used to help understand people’s exposure to pollution near roads and to assess emissions from different vehicles, informing health studies and policy interventions.

Environmental Research Group staff discuss the site's work on air quality
Environmental Research Group staff discuss the site’s work on air quality

During the visit, Minister Churchill also met with Dr. Ian Mudway, Senior Lecturer at the School of Public Health, who spoke about his research work on the effects of air pollution on human health. . Dr. Mudway stressed the importance of promoting public understanding of environmental pollutants and associated risks.

The Minister also met Imperial PhD student William Hicks, who discussed his research into non-exhaust emissions from brake and tire wear affecting air quality. Mr. Hicks stressed the need for further research into the possible negative impact of vehicle electrification on tire wear emissions.

Dr David Green presents the site's air quality measurement technology
Dr David Green presents the site’s air quality measurement technology

Dr David Green said: ‘It was great to show the Minister our work at Marylebone Road Air Quality Research Station and to highlight how the measurements we make are used to inform our understanding of the climate. people’s exposure to poor air quality and influencing public policy to reduce the health effects of air pollution.

Minister for Agri-Innovation and Climate Adaptation, Jo Churchill, said: “Clean Air Day is an important opportunity for us to reflect and focus our attention on air pollution. . It was great to meet the team at Imperial College London to learn more about the work being done to help shape our understanding of the impact of polluted air on health. We will continue to work closely with local authorities, activists and researchers to show the leadership needed to create a future in which we can all enjoy the benefits of cleaner air.”

Imperial’s leading role in tackling air pollution

Imperial is home to the world’s leading center for the study of air pollution, the Environmental Research Group, led by Professor Frank Kelly and a team of expert researchers working on air quality. Air pollution is a major threat to health and climate, in the UK and around the world. Controlling air pollution will have co-benefits in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving public health and well-being.

Professor Kelly leads the West London Healthy Home and Environment Study, working in partnership with the local community to look at the quality of indoor and outdoor pollution outside households.

The College’s Air Quality Network also brings together Imperial Oil researchers to improve air quality for all. The network includes multidisciplinary experts such as Dr Laure de Preux, health economist, who helps local authorities quantify the “hidden costs” of air pollution; Dr. Audrey de Nazelle, whose work contributes to the development of healthy built environments; lung cell biologist Professor Terry Tetley, who is an authority on inhalant toxicant lung disease; and Professor Fan Chung who demonstrated the magnitude of the negative impacts of urban air pollution on cardiovascular and respiratory health.

The Environmental Research Group also runs the London Air Quality Network, which shows air pollution in London and the South East of England, and the Breathe London Project, which offers air pollution sensors. air quality affordable and easy to install. Together, these projects provide local governments, community groups, businesses and the general public with access to reliable, high-quality air quality data. Through Imperial Projects, the group is looking to expand these networks and provide similar facilities in the UK and around the world.


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