Farley Nursery School celebrates 8th anniversary of yurt outdoor learning in Sparsholt


A yurt-based nursery has celebrated eight years since opening its unique outdoor learning environment.

Farley Nursery Schools opened its yurt nursery in Sparsholt on September 8, 2014. The Sparsholt base comprises three yurt classrooms on the two-acre site surrounded by the fields of Sparsholt College. The children of the nature daycare center are regular visitors to the Sparsholt College Zoo and Dairy Farm.

To mark the occasion, Farley Nursery Schools has posted a selection of ‘throwback’ photos from the past eight years on Facebook.

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Nursery owner Megan Courtney said: “We celebrated by looking at old photos and seeing how the nursery has changed. The kids loved looking at the pictures and comparing what the nursery looks like now. It’s nice to see how much the nursery has grown and how it remains an exceptional setting offering incredible care to the children and their families who attend.

The ash frame of the yurts is sourced locally, while the canvas frames are covered in organic sheep’s wool to provide extra warmth in the winter. The children in the crèche evolve into five groups, based on their development rather than their age. For more go to storal-learning.co.uk/our-nurseries/farley-nursery-school-sparsholt/.

Farley Nursery Schools also care for children in Salisbury and Steeple Langford.


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