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On Friday, July 8, Governor Tom Wolf celebrated a 2022-23 State Budget that reinforced his commitment to education at all levels with a historic $1.8 billion funding increase and additional investments for safer communities, our workforce and businesses, and our natural resources.

The governor’s $45.2 billion overall budget, which makes long-overdue investments and secures Pennsylvania’s fiscal future, has received widespread support and praise from education professionals, leaders business and environmental organizations across the Commonwealth.

See what they have to say:

AFT Pennsylvania President Arthur Steinberg “After decades of chronic divestment from Pennsylvania’s public schools, this year’s education budget took a leap toward full and equitable funding. We are proud to support Governor Wolf in his ongoing efforts to help ensure that every child, no matter their background or zip code, and we applaud these long overdue funding increases.

Jan Jarrett, Acting Executive Director of Better PA

“The historic investment in pre-K in this year’s budget – an investment in our most precious resource, our children and their future – is the culmination of the effective prioritization of early childhood education by the Governor Wolf throughout his two terms. This year’s $79 million increase to improve and make more accessible quality early childhood education across the state will pay dividends for years to come. We commend Governor Wolf for his leadership on this crucial issue, and we salute the bipartisan support throughout the budget negotiations. »

“Level Up is a significant step in the right direction and a long overdue recognition that inequities between districts need to be addressed. This funding, which is slowly beginning to level the playing field for all students in Pennsylvania, temporarily eases the burden that superintendents, school boards, and educators in rural, urban, and suburban school districts face every day due to disparities in chronic funding.

“Level Up funding in this year’s budget is another overdue payment that will help move our most inequitably funded school districts along the long road to adequacy. And while this Level Up allocation is not a systemic solution to the inadequacy and inequity of Pennsylvania’s funding system, it does give these districts a meaningful payout, a step toward a more level playing field for 1 .7 million public school students in Pennsylvania.

“Every student in Pennsylvania deserves a chance to succeed, and Level Up is giving students who missed out because of the zip code they were born with a boost they deserve.”

Pa. Association of School Administrators

“The Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators is grateful to the Governor and the General Assembly for their commitment to children, teachers, administrators and public school districts in the Commonwealth.

“The historic increase in public education funding passed in the 2022-2023 state budget is a monumental step forward, providing districts with the resources they need to meet ever-increasing demands for education. public. For the first time in recent history, the state will send more funds to schools than they will have to shell out in mandatory costs.

“We applaud this effort by Governor Tom Wolf as he boldly asked the Legislature to take an important step to adequately fund our public schools. In the past, PASA has asked our legislature to increase the base grant as noted in the Costing Out study and the PILCOP study. This budget begins to meet that demand with more than $850 million in grant increases. With this budget, Governor Wolf has cemented his legacy as a true champion of public education, and we believe he will make a fundamentally positive difference in the lives of thousands of children across the Commonwealth.

“While we know there is still work to be done to fuel the future success of children across the Commonwealth, PASA is grateful for Governor Wolf’s commitment to education, not just this year but throughout. of his term as Governor. We look forward to working with the next administration and legislature to build on the progress made over the past eight years. »

Pa. Chamber of Business and Industry President and CEO Luke Bernstein

“Law 53 of 2022 improves Pennsylvania’s economic competitiveness by providing relief to small businesses, as well as immediate and ongoing reductions in the state’s net corporate income tax (CNIT). By 2031, when the planned cuts end, Pennsylvania’s rate of 4.99% will be the sixth lowest in the nation (based on current corporate tax rates). Pennsylvania has so much to offer investors and entrepreneurs. These tax reforms instantly make us more globally competitive and allow us to focus on Pennsylvania’s strengths as a hub of global commerce and opportunity – our prime location, world-class educational facilities, our innovative workforce and more. On behalf of the state business community, I want to thank the Governor and the leaders of the House and Senate for working across the aisle to pave the way for greater opportunities for generations to come, and our heartfelt thanks to the 222 members of the House and Senate who voted yes.

Pa. Principals Association

“The Pennsylvania Principals Association applauds the work that resulted in bipartisan support for the recently passed state budget. The focus on education in this budget is not only historic, but long overdue and much needed. Principals of the Commonwealth, who have been called to serve the youth of our state, appreciate the recognition that well-placed funding, entrusted to local school districts, will surely ensure that the needs of our students are met.

David Masur, Executive Director of PennEnvironment

“Governor Wolf’s efforts to secure increased funding for the great outdoors and the incredible natural heritage of the Keystone State will be applauded by Pennsylvanians from the shores of Lake Erie, the Poconos Mountains and the riverbanks along the Delaware River. We know one thing all Pennsylvanians can agree on, whether Democrat, Republican or Independent, is that we all love and appreciate the incredible natural heritage of our Commonwealth. Governor Wolf’s leadership in the budget ensures that we can continue to deliver this legacy to our children and to future generations.

“The impact of the new state budget passed by the General Assembly cannot be overstated in its importance to our environment, open spaces and natural resources, and to the economies that benefit from the clean waters and healthy lands of our state,” said the President and CEO of PennFuture. Jacqueline Bonomo. “This is a spending plan that includes a total of $884.75 million for clean water, land conservation, infrastructure, parks, energy efficiency and forests, and it s This is truly generational funding for Pennsylvania.”

Pa. Recreation & Park Society

“The Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society is grateful for the supportive work of many parallel-mission partners, forward-thinking legislators and committed community advocates who helped establish a significant increase in dedicated funding for vital outdoor recreation, conservation and drinking water resources throughout the Republic. There is much to fix, remedy, improve and advance, and applying this money to such critical needs will enrich the lives of all Pennsylvanians.

“Public investment in high-quality pre-k has become a consensus topic in Pennsylvania; aligning political parties, rural, urban and suburban communities and families across the Commonwealth on a unique opportunity that improves the life chances of children in Pennsylvania. State leaders, including Governor Wolf and Senator Pat Browne, deserve credit for their role in Pennsylvania’s continued expansion from pre-K to the AP. According to a recent poll, 90% of likely Pennsylvania voters said that formal early childhood care and education is important in helping children lead healthy, productive lives.

“The $79 million expansion will provide high-quality pre-k to more than 2,300 additional young learners as well as increased rates for providers to support the early years workforce and education and to meet rising costs. The Pre-K for PA Campaign thanks our more than 20,000 supporters for lending their voices to advancing the power of pre-k to more of Pennsylvania’s youngest learners.

Sierra Club Pa. Legislative and Policy Director Jen Quinn

“The Pennsylvania Chapter of the Sierra Club is thrilled to see the bipartisan support for clean water, conservation and outdoor recreation in this year’s state budget. Thanks to the hard work of legislators, the governor and countless conservation organizations, we are seeing the largest investment in parks, infrastructure and land conservation in over a decade.Our communities, our natural resources and our economy will benefit from these investments for generations.


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