Look at the environment: Sweet, sweet summer


Oh summer! We’re glad you’re back! School is out, the sun is coming in and everywhere we look, life is blooming!

Our to-do lists have been pushed aside and in their place are outdoor concerts, barbecues and – if we’ve planned it right – maybe a vacation!

As the normal routine of our lives changes, it’s a wonderful season to embrace something new. Maybe it’s a new playlist or a local restaurant. A new outdoor or friendly sporting event. With this new summer rhythm well underway, here are some suggestions to make our community a little greener!

1. Minimize impulse purchases. Really take the time to think about what you are buying and what it will be used for. Ask yourself, “Does this support the life I’m trying to build?” If the answer is yes, be intentional about using the article to good effect. If the answer is no, walk away. When we buy consciously, we are more likely to use the items we buy, instead of getting bored and sending them to landfill. Over time, this small change can really add up!

2. Buy local. By buying local, you reduce plastic packaging and, most importantly, you support local businesses in our community. There are unique relationships to be built at the Hilliard Farmer’s Market. Coming out of the pandemic, we’re all looking for a friendly smile, an encouraging conversation, or maybe even a new friend!

3. Start small and build momentum. Starting something new can be overwhelming, but making a small change each month is totally doable. Here are some suggestions to help you get started:

· Reduce (or eliminate) plastic sandwich bags.

· Avoid plastic bags in the produce section.

· Replace plastic containers with glass containers.

· Recycle plastic bags at your local grocer or, better yet, replace plastic bags with reusable cloth bags.

By starting small and educating yourself on the right way to live a more sustainable life, you increase your chances of making these small changes to your daily habits!

Look at the environment:Composting efforts at HFAC are underway

4. Find a tribe of friends. Look at the people around you. Are any of your friends or relatives a little further into the “green” zone of life? What advice can you take from this? Knowing more about something you love makes the trip even better!

5. Recycle like a boss. Do some quick research on the local Hilliard website to find a list of acceptable items to recycle in your area. Post this list on your fridge and commit to recycling properly for a month. You will learn so much in the process! If you have young children, include them; raising tiny tree hugs is an added bonus to recycling in your home! Visit hilliardohio.gov/recycling/.

When the seasons change and life starts to feel a little out of sync, come back to this list as a quick tool to get you back on the path you’ve been on for a long time. No matter where summer takes you, enjoy this season and the beauty that unfolds around you. Because, as soon as he came, he will surely be gone. Don’t miss it!

Brittany Vega is a member of the Hilliard Environmental Sustainability Commission


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