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The Loveland Public Library takes a love of outdoor reading to kick off its summer learning program with activities, music and fun on the library lawn.

The outdoor festival will be held from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on June 4, a Friday, to kick off the summer learning program, which is designed to allow residents of all ages to explore throughout the year. ‘summer and foster the joy of knowledge and learning’. according to a press release.

“Summer is a great time for kids to explore their own interests and immerse themselves in whatever interests them,” Diane Lapierre, director of the Loveland Public Library, said in a press release. “During the summer, everyone can read, create and explore in a more unstructured format. The Summer Learning Program provides a flexible environment to personalize your learning adventures.

The June 4 festival will feature games, art, a photo booth, glow sticks and music from Suit and Tie DJ, along with the opportunity to sign up for the program which features events and prizes to help children, adolescents and adults to read and learn. all summer, until July 30. Registration is open now online or at the Loveland Public Library.

“The past year has been particularly difficult for students to stay on track with academic milestones,” according to a press release from the library.

“The Summer Learning Program is a proven way for children and teens to expand their knowledge, explore new ideas and practice their reading skills to help them overcome the ‘summer slide’ and start the next school year with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful. “

Children who do not read in the summer show an average 20% loss in reading skills, while those who read five to six books throughout the summer return to school ready to learn and get better. better academic test scores, according to literacy studies. Children from low-income families are disproportionately affected by this summer slide, the statement said.

This year’s program will include activities that incorporate reading in a fun way, including storytelling hours, 3D printing workshops, art classes, book clubs, and volunteer opportunities. With funding from the Friends of Loveland Public Library, the program will include incentives, hands-on learning and social activities.

Registration is now open for the program, which runs from June 1 to July 30 with a launch celebration (and the option to register) on June 4. Details and online registration are available at

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