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Diogo Freire, CEO of 1Earth Fund, explained his organization’s involvement as follows:

“Climate change will have a profound impact on the lives of North Carolinians – in some cases it already is – so we are proud to support the Journal’s efforts to inform our communities of what is happening, what is happening. awaits us and the choices we face. “

This is exactly the balance I hope to find in my reporting while telling stories that chronicle the effects of climate change on real people.

By way of introduction, I am originally from Toledo, Ohio, but have lived in the Carolinas for over 30 years, so the South is my home. I’ve made more career breaks than you probably want to read, but more recently I served as editor at the Lake Norman Media Group and its three newspapers covering communities north and south. is from Charlotte. Prior to that, I was editor-in-chief at the Statesville Record & Landmark and the Mooresville Tribune.

I am delighted to return to full-time reporting after years as Editor-in-Chief, and to have the opportunity to delve into such a critical topic.


Since the 19th century, the global average temperature has risen by about 2 degrees, according to a report released in August by the United Nations-appointed Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Two-thirds of this warming has occurred since 1975, as man-made emissions fuel the ever-growing layer of greenhouse gases that trap heat in our atmosphere.

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