More recess, new outdoor activities for students at Fred Assam Elementary


SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) — Brandon Valley School District’s Fred Assam Elementary is sending more students outdoors during the first term of school due to the pandemic. In an effort to provide children with additional activities while they are on the playground, the school’s PTA has painted new games on the tarmac.

More recreation. Fred Assam’s children are thrilled with this and all the new activities they can find outside.

“Over there, it’s copy like cat. So you have to copy the person doing it,” Callahan said.

These new floor painted games were paid for and installed by the school PTA. Sophomore Harper Griffith loves to play sack.

“I like that it’s a challenge for yourself,” Griffith said.

She is also a class fan.

Holsen: How’s school going so far?

Griffin: Surprising. I love school.

While Griffith and his second-graders used to go out three times a day, third- and fourth-graders are now doing the same during COVID-19.

Along with adding more recess and social distancing measures, teachers are also sanitizing playgrounds throughout the day.

“We use the washroom facilities to hit trouble spots before entering,” Livingston said.

Teacher Missy Livingston says recess is also divided into sections, with each class remaining in its own area.

“This year has been a little different than most years, but we’re thrilled to have all the kids back home. A lot of business is business as usual,” Livingston said.

Educate children and have fun at the same time.

Third and fourth graders normally have two recesses. This year, they are enjoying three 12-minute breaks outside.


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