Neighbor and environmentally friendly Good sports lighting

Kilowattled specializes in the design and manufacture of high efficiency LED lighting for indoors and outdoors. The optics are very important and decide the distribution of light. Good sports lighting should be

1, safe and enjoyable for players and spectators

2, lowest cost of ownership over an expected life cycle

3, optimal playability for players and officials

4, reduce light spill for neighbors and residents

Sports venue lighting fixtures must perform well in all conditions, and our high-quality silicone optics ensure long product life, even in the most extreme environments.

Led Kilowattled lighting selects first-class medical silicone optical lens, features include:

1, Kilowattled lighting systems combine expertise, premium components, high-output Chip-on-Board (COB) LEDs, and silicone optics that won’t crack, fade, or smudge. not discolor with age.

2, heat resistance, high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance: – 45° – 150°

3, high light transmission 93%

4, the lens itself has its own gasket, no gasket requirements, and with IP66 waterproof degree

5, optical control: precise light control, pointing and reading

6, light comfort: reduces glare, reduces light pollution, and provides a comfortable and healthy lighting environment

7, energy saving: the effective utilization rate of light can be significantly improved

8, be able to do stage lighting according to various application requirements

We can design custom field lighting for single or multi-field projects. All courts are designed according to the category of play, from recreational to professional.

Below is a representation of typical outdoor tennis court lighting standards and optical light distribution:

Optical design and light control effect are very important indicators in sports lighting system. Our optical design pays particular attention to backlight control. Compared with the traditional light distribution, our special tennis light distribution design optimizes the rear light proportion. The comparison is as follows:

For more details and design, please contact us.

High Power LED Lighting Designed for harsh environments.

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