New Early Years Environment for Halstead Elementary School


The preliminary design of the new Early Years Foundation Stage area for Halstead

Submitted for publication by the Pioneer Academy

Lee Mason-Ellis, CEO of Pioneer Academy, announced that the trust intends to develop a brand new Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) outdoor learning environment at Halstead Community Primary School. The outdoor space is being designed and construction is planned for the summer break in 2022.

The school recently held a consultation on whether to join the growing Pioneer Academy family of twelve preschools and junior high schools, which also includes Edenbridge Primary School in Kent. Halstead is scheduled to do so on February 1, 2022 or as soon as possible thereafter.

The redevelopment of the outdoor facilities will provide the school’s students with an exceptional all-weather learning space that will include a hidden den, role-play areas, plants and climbing equipment.

The Pioneer Academy wants to ensure that the children of Halstead have the facilities they deserve, and the outdoor space has been designed with the aim of supporting children’s development in all areas of the EYFS program, giving children the space to play and learn creatively.

The trust believes that being outdoors is extremely important during early childhood learning and wants to ensure that Halstead’s generous outdoor space and grounds are used to their full advantage.

Lee Mason Ellis, CEO of Pioneer Academy, said: “I am delighted to be able to announce the planned redevelopment of the EYFS Outdoor Learning Environment at Halstead Community Primary School. I know our younger students benefit tremendously from an improved outdoor learning and play area

“I can’t wait for the school to officially join us next year as we have other investment projects in the future of the school that I can’t wait to announce. “

Mr. Hawkins, Principal of Halstead Community Elementary School, said: “Everyone in Halstead is excited about the plans for the new EYFS area. It will be great to modernize some of our old facilities.

“We appreciate Pioneer Academy’s commitment to providing children with stimulating learning environments both indoors and outdoors and look forward to hearing more about any other announcements they will be making regarding. investment in our school. “

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