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TreeTrekkers covers approximately 30 acres of land, a third of which is protected forest.

FREDERICK, Md. (WDVM) – A new adventure course in Frederick offers thrills against the backdrop of an unspoiled forest, all in an effort to shine a light on the environment.

“As you grow up with positive experiences in nature, that kind of exposure, that kind of appreciation, you might not really think about it in your mind, but you develop an appreciation for the environment, for nature. “, explained Missy Conners.

Conner grew up exploring the outdoors in her hometown of Baltimore, and it was this appreciation for the environment that led her to retire as an educator and open Tree Trekkers.

“We are an outdoor zipline obstacle course park. It’s a type of business that can not only work with but preserve and protect the natural environment, the features, ”Conner said.

The entire park is about 30 acres, but about half of this forest is protected and cannot be developed.

About 10 acres are devoted to the 14 different courses located among the trees and stretching high into the treeline.

“Our goal is to provide opportunities to play here, but we’re always in an effort so that they can experience nature as well,” said Conner.

Over 100 poles were brought in to help build the obstacle course. About fifteen trees were used not only as platforms for the course, but also to anchor it.

Color-coded courses vary in difficulty so anyone between the ages of 5 and 95, says Conner, can participate.

“Purple is where you go all the way and try to get past all those obstacles just so you can get to the ribbon there,” said explorer Makai Podolskiy, who tackled the courses with his father, Danil Podolskiy.

“It wasn’t that bad, but it challenged me a bit. I tried the blue which was a higher level and my son really wants to do a double black which is supposed to be a ninja level, ”Danil said.

Conner says that although the park’s 15 acres are protected and preserved, visitors are welcome to marvel and enjoy the scenery.

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