Nicor ​​Gas Awards Environmental Stewardship Grant for Outdoor Learning Space to Turning Pointe Autism Foundation


Last week, Nicor ​​Gas announced that the Turning Pointe Autism Foundation was one of 11 organizations to receive $5,000 in environmental stewardship grants. The Turning Pointe Autism Foundation’s Outdoor Learning Spaces Initiative will support the creation of therapeutic outdoor learning spaces for students with autism. These spaces will be created using native pollinating plants – which is essential since many flowering plants and food crops depend on pollination to reproduce.

Turning Pointe is committed to protecting the environment by nurturing natural areas so they contribute to clean air and other conservation initiatives. Outdoor learning spaces will have biodiverse pollinator-focused native plants. Turning Pointe shares Nicor ​​Gas’ focus on green space preservation, conservation efforts and Illinois sustainability to ensure that future generations enjoy the benefits of this project.

“We are proud to support the Turning Pointe Autism Foundation’s Outdoor Learning Spaces Project to provide equitable access to outdoor educational and recreational spaces for students, families and the community,” said Jackie Nagel. , Head of Community Engagement at Nicor ​​Gas. “As Illinois’ largest natural gas supplier, we believe in investing in meaningful projects that align with our goal of preserving green spaces and enhancing sustainability efforts. .”

Nicor ​​Gas is committed to providing equitable access to natural green spaces and enhancing sustainable development activities that have a meaningful impact. To learn more about Nicor ​​Gas’ commitment to protecting the environment and giving back to the communities it serves, visit


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