Outdoor activities are now part of the school campus for children, giving the chance to learn new


New Delhi. Attempts to copy the lifestyle of the metropolis and the increasing intervention of technology, today’s children’s world is also confined to apartments and mobiles in multi-storey buildings. At home, children spend most of their time on their cell phones and in front of the television, while at school their world is confined within the walls of classrooms and campuses.

However, for the best development of children, in addition to studies, sports activities (sports activities) on the school campus.Sporting activities) are also performed. But in these changing times, their reach is becoming very small. In cities, even if children go out with their parents, they can only reach nearby parks, shopping malls and movie theaters.

Learn how important outdoor activities are for children

In such a situation, the role of schools becomes very important. It becomes their responsibility to give children more and more outdoor activities, so that their mental and physical development can happen more quickly. Faced with this need, today for the children adventure activity (Adventure Activities) have become very important and necessary.

In this framework, children are taken on excursions outside of school for outdoor activities and various activities are carried out for their overall development. Many times all arrangements are made by schools for adventure camps. But most of the schools hire expert service providers for this, who have a team of professionals to train and guide the children and also have a place with all the facilities and requirements.

Mala Gupta, Principal of Springdale School, Pusa Road, Delhi, says the children at her school have learned a lot from attending Rock Sport’s adventure camp. Outdoor activities and adventure sports develop children’s personality.

Usually, children in school and classroom are only aware of brain learning, but a lot of development is needed for their overall development.

Their need is met by adventure camps. All activities like trekking, running, rock climbing, commando climbing, tree climbing, shooting, archery and camping develop their physical and mental development and all these activities are done under sports Rock.

Such activities develop in them the ability to manage, protect themselves and make decisions. By spending time in the open space in the middle of nature, his distant vision develops, because at home and in the classroom, his eyes can only cover the distance to the mobile or the blackboard.

In adventure camps, children learn what to do to defend themselves in difficult times. Like defending yourself in the event of a fire, crossing a river without a bridge, climbing mountains, learning to shoot, doing group discussions and participating in other activities.

Such events increase children’s enthusiasm, and they also have a chance to understand and learn something new. Through these activities, he also learns that apart from studies, what kind of special talent the child has, which can be promoted for his overall development.

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