Students redesign garden to promote outdoor learning at Flint High School

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Job : Fri 29 April 2022

This article is old – Posted: Friday, April 29, 2022

A group of Flint High School students worked hard to spruce up a garden space for outdoor study and relaxation during the summer term.

Kelli Andrews, a science technician, led the project which gave students the opportunity to work outside and away from the classroom.

The garden, known as the “quad”, provides a safe space that includes a pond with fish and frogs, sensory trees and shrubs to attract local birds and insects.

After appealing for materials and equipment, the science department received numerous donations of gardening tools from staff, as well as tires from a local farm that the students turned into planters.

Supported by Ms Andrews, the students weeded the garden; cleaned the pond taking care not to disturb wildlife; planted a selection of new plants; and decorated the old tires before filling them with plants to form a border around the pond.

Now that the area is complete, science staff will be able to take small groups of students from each grade to outdoor lessons. They will learn how to feed the fish, how to maintain the pond, make more planters to grow herbs, plants and some vegetables, and design and build bird feeders and insect hotels to attract local wildlife.

A newly formed after-school club for 7th and 8th graders called ‘Science Squad’ will also use the space, with individual students who would benefit from care and support in a calming environment.

Natelle Kearns, Science Program Manager, said, “I am extremely proud of our students who have worked hard to regenerate and care for our outdoor space. I would like to thank the students, Ms. Andrews, and all the staff who kindly donated their time and resources to ensure the success of the project.

“Studying the local plants and wildlife of the area will help bring the science classroom to life and give our students a sense of accomplishment and responsibility.”

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