Tennessee Farms offers outdoor activities this fall



Your family can conquer a corn maze, choose the perfect carving pumpkin, or create your own floral bouquet at Tennessee agritourism farms. There is something fun for family members of all ages to experience this fall while learning about Tennessee farming.

Tennessee farmers who welcome guests are continually finding innovative ways to provide family fun. Nearly 50 members of the Tennessee Agritourism Association traveled to Maryland and Pennsylvania this summer for an information and networking tour of agri-tourism operations. The visit provided insight and activities that farmers can implement here at home.

“Touring various farms in the Northeast allowed us to connect with other farmers to find inspiration and new ideas for our own land,” said Carroll Fender of Fender’s Farm in Washington County. . “For example, after seeing how everyone has enjoyed the hand-start tractor activity on a farm, we plan to offer something similar. We try to add two to three new experiences each season so that there is always a reason to come back to the farm. “

There are currently 794 Pick Tennessee Product businesses that offer agritourism activities such as wagon rides, fishing, horse stables and trails, Christmas trees, U-pick, farm accommodation, wineries. , distilleries and breweries.

Fall hobbies may seem a little different as agritourism farms adapt for an efficient and safe visitor experience during the COVID-19 pandemic, so call ahead before visiting to find out about availability. security events and protocols.

Tennessee Farms offer a variety of outdoor activities and tours. Find out about agrotourism opportunities near you by visiting www.picktnproducts.org/find-products/fun-education.html. Or use the free Pick Tennessee mobile app. Follow @PickTNProducts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more on seasonal activities, artisan farm products and recipes.



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