The 2nd Port Colborne Scout Group is ready for another year of outdoor activities, learning and fun

Some members of the 2nd Port Colborne Scout Group at Camp Wetaskiwin.
  • Beavers from the 2nd Port Colborne Scout Group learn outdoor activities and skills.

During the pandemic, some people have gained a new appreciation for the outdoors.

As this popularity spreads, some groups are seeing a lot more interest.

Dave Sadonoja, Group Commissioner of the 2nd Port Colborne Scouting Group, said their group was “very popular”.

He explained how the younger groups – Beavers and Cubs – have filled the group’s available slots and have a waiting list.

“Next year some of those cubs will get older and move on to the next group,” he said.

In total, the scouting group has 30 children.

“Parents see the need to go out and do things outside rather than sitting indoors,” Sadonoja noted.

This year, he said, the most important thing was to recruit adult volunteers, noting that it has been difficult for businesses to find employees let alone find volunteers.

“The more adult volunteers we get, the more places we can open.”

Some of the activities planned by the group include local hikes, visiting a pumpkin patch, and visiting a rock climbing wall.

During the summer, Sadonoja and a scout visited Finland for an international jamboree.

This fall, the group will also be working on the Dragon Trail Quest, a five-week Scouts Canada challenge.

“It’s based on the skills we worked on,” he said.

He said beavers learn to build a dam and divert water, for example.

“There are a lot of STEM-based activities that rely on outdoor and traditional skills,” Sadonoja said. He added that the children reacted well outside.

Last year, the group was able to reunite at Cedar Bay Park.

“It was a completely different schedule just because we were away,” he said. “Once the kids have tasted it, they enjoy doing it a lot more.”

He said parents often told them about children organizing family hikes or other similar outdoor activities.

Sadonoja said the Scouting program “opened up many opportunities for him” throughout his adult and youth life.

“I was a beaver in 1980,” he said. “It’s something you take with you and always remember.

“It opens doors,” he added.

For more information, visit the group’s Facebook page: 2nd Port Colborne Scout Group


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